New Owner Information

Emergency (Police, Fire, EMS): 911
Tarrant County Sheriff Non-Emergency: (817) 884-1213
Electric Emergency: (888) 313-4747
Water Service Emergency: (817) 233-1058
Railroad Emergency: (800) 289-2672

Electicity infrastructure is provided by Oncor, but electicity access is managed by retail providers. Electicity rates for the various electric retailers can be compared at

Certain hangars may qualify for residential rates. Generally, the hangar must be equipped and used as a residence. You must contact Oncor Electric to change from commercial to electric rates.

Water service is provided by Rio Concho Aviation. Please contact Rio Concho for rates and service changes at (817) 233-1058.

There are two high-speed internet providers to choose from:

There are two garbage service providers to choose from. Each provider services the airport weekly.

Mailboxes are located at the south end of the airport. To obtain a mailbox, please contact:

U.S. Postal Carrier Annex
4909 N.E. Parkway
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 378-0759

The postal service will require evidence of ownership, such as closing papers, and a photo ID.

UPS and FedEx deliver to hangars directly.