Hangar Availability

All hangars at Hicks Airfield are privately owned, and all lots have been sold by the developer. The airport does not sell or lease properties, but there are occasionally individuals who rent hangar space. You may also occasionally find a hangar for sale from a private party.

You may find properties available below. These listings are the responsibility of the seller and/or agent. HAPA has no personal knowledge of these listings and cannot verify the accuracy of information contained in any listing.

Contact webmasteraccount@t67t67airport.org to have your hangar listed here.

537 Aviator - $330,000

709 Aviator - $424,900

916 Aviator - $359,900

514 and 516 Aviator - $105,000 each

For Sale Lot(s) 6 and 7, Block 2, Section 2, Hicks Airfield (514 and 516 Aviator on the second taxiway).

Each lot is 90’ Wide X 120’ Deep = 10,800 s.f. per lot. The setback for building on Section 2 are:
15’ off the front (east)
5’ off each side (north and south)
And 5’ off the back (west)
The maximum hangar for one lot is 80’ wide x 100’ deep = 8,000 s.f. hangar. There is one water tap and one septic tap in place on each lot for your plumber to attach to.

Priced To Sell At $105,000. PER LOT

Contact: Jan Lary (817) 715-4693
Don Davis Realty